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Scoreboard for iPad 1.7

Scoreboard for iPadI just released another update of my score keeping app Scoreboard for iPad.

The update adds another optimized Scoreboard for Phase 10 and also a special feature to throw dices directly inside the app. The update is available immediately on the App Store.

Scoreboard for iPad allows you to save your results from all different kind of games in just one simple app. Within an clean and intuitive interface it offers a default Scoreboard with automatic calculation of the horizontal and vertical sum, a tallysheet, a simple scoreboard for games like foosball and optimized Scoreboards for Phase 10, Yahtzee and Thirty-One.
The update also adds another feature that allows you to throw some dices inside the app.

Scoreboard is the perfect combination of traditional gaming with new technology. You don't have to pay attention to the score anymore and you can be sure that always have the correct score, but you can still enjoy playing games with your friends and family! Thanks to the optimized input methods for some games it's fast and intuitive to enter the score.
You can also save all the different kinds of Scoreboards and continue playing another time. Scoreboard for iPad also enables you to share your results with your Friends and Family directly out of the App.


  • Default Score table
  • Optimized Scoreboards for the following games: Yahtzee, Phase 10, Thirty-one
  • Simple Scoreboard
  • Tally sheet
  • Unlimited amount of players
  • Save the Scoreboards and share them with your Friends
  • Roll some dices inside the app

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • 3.8 MB
You can get Scoreboard for iPad here on the AppStore:
For more Information check this site out:
Scoreboard for iPad

iBombU HD


I just released my latest App yesterday!

The App is called iBombU and it's a multiplayer game for the iPad and your aim is basically to blow up your opponents.

You can play with up to 4 Players on one iPad and as I already said your aim is to blow up your friends and be the only player who survived.
There are also some Power-Ups spawning after you destroyed a block, so for example you can increase the Radius of your Bombs with a Power-Up or you could maybe get an additional bomb.

But don't forget to pay attention not to run into a bomb or fall into the water!

You can buy iBombU for just $0.99 on the AppStore:


Here are also some Screenshots:


I hope you like this App and if you buy this App and like it I would really appreciate a review on the AppStore.


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