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Island Jumper

Island Jumper is a small Game that is similar to Icy Tower.
In Island Jumper you are a small Penguin called Helga, who is trying to get away from the upcoming Water, but be careful not to touch the wrong Flowers on your way up

You can play alone or you can play with up to 4 Players against each other!

Like in RotW you can save your Highscore online and show it to your Friends with a Banner like this:

You can also save your Highscore if you are not registered here. Just type your name in the Game and your Highscore will be saved, but you can't get a Banner with it.

We also included a small Mode, where you can control Helga by waving with your Hands! For more Information about this Mode, you can watch the Video I made.


Player 1

  • Left: Left Arrow
  • Right: Right Arrow

Player 2

  • Left: A
  • Right: S

Player 3

  • Left: T
  • Right: Z

Player 4

  • Left: K
  • Right: L
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