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  1. I boughtbyesno. I like it but how do i rate eachbentry? There is anuo down. How do you figure if its a thumbs up oe down? Id understand ifbyou uased a peecentage ofbhow important he enry is.

    • You can rate each entry by moving the Slider for each entry. If the Slider is completely on the right side, the entry is really important, and if the slider is on the left side it’s not really important.

      To decide wether it’s a thumb up or down I just add all the values for the entries and their importance up and decide based on these values wether it’s a thumb up or down.

  2. hi,

    da ist ein Fehler in den Templates:
    bei den Geliehen-Funktionen steht der Text drinne, der bei Verliehen seteht.

    Google Translate :(

    hi, there’s a bug in the templates: Lent in the functions of the text is inside, which is also awarded.

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