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iBombU HD


I just released my latest App yesterday!

The App is called iBombU and it's a multiplayer game for the iPad and your aim is basically to blow up your opponents.

You can play with up to 4 Players on one iPad and as I already said your aim is to blow up your friends and be the only player who survived.
There are also some Power-Ups spawning after you destroyed a block, so for example you can increase the Radius of your Bombs with a Power-Up or you could maybe get an additional bomb.

But don't forget to pay attention not to run into a bomb or fall into the water!

You can buy iBombU for just $0.99 on the AppStore:


Here are also some Screenshots:


I hope you like this App and if you buy this App and like it I would really appreciate a review on the AppStore.


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